Who Are You? A Light-hearted Test

I saw this personality test today on Facebook and, being a massive Harry Potter fan, I completed it for the fun of doing it.


Turns out it’s a Jungian test to determine your personality type and the result was stunningly accurate! According to the test my ideal career(s), where I would be content and fulfilled, is as a Counsellor or Educator, and spookily, I’m already both. I am, in fact, Remus Lupin. 🙂


Take the test for yourself


Every Path Has Value

Seems I’m on the right path at last. It has taken me many years to find that path though. I’ve gone down some dead ends and taken lots of interesting detours along the way, but those diversions have always led me somewhere else equally valuable, where I’ve been able to learn about myself and my place in the world.


Life is a Journey

My journey with its twists and turns has made me into the person I am today, and it doesn’t end here. I believe that our whole lives are about ‘being’ – being in the moment, being who we truly are, being true to ourselves – and not about arriving at some longed-for, elusive destination.

So, enjoy life’s journey. Take as many different paths as you can, just for the fun of seeing where they will take you and what new experiences they will bring. Be brave and let life in. Ultimately, your path will always take you where you need to be, you just might not realise it until (much) later…