Overcoming the Back to School Blues

back2schoolFeeling the Back to School Blues? There is a lot of good advice out there, on how to help your children feel happier about the prospect of going back to school after the lovely, long (and hopefully warm 🙂 ) summer break. But I’m wondering how parents are feeling/coping at this time of year?

A lot of parents are understandably looking forward to the relative peace and quiet when their children go back, and the return to a more regular, ordered daily routine.

But some parents might also feel a little sad around this time of year, as they miss their offspring being around them all day long.


Loss and Separation

I remember how sad I was when my son first started school – the intense sense of loss and separation, along with the loss of a sense of purpose. When you’re used to having someone around you 24/7, and then suddenly they’re not, it can have huge emotional repercussions. For me, it was a key life transition and I had to mourn the loss fully before I could find a new sense of self and redefine my purpose in the world.


A New Sense of Self

That was quite a few years ago. I now have a wonderful new career, yet I still feel that pang of loss every time school starts afresh; it gets easier but it never goes away entirely. As a parent, filling your life with other things that matter to you (a job you enjoy, friends you love being around, hobbies that both relax and stimulate you creatively, etc.) is absolutely key to your personal fulfilment.

How are you spending your time, now that they are back at school?